I have always liked to program. From my first steps in Basic in the late 80’s to complex C++ projects during my academic studies (physics) and PhD (engineering), creating software that is both powerful and easy to use has seen a constant presence in my time schedule.

ProgrammingJava, C/C++, Php, Perl, Pascal, Fortran, Basic
Operating systemsUnix/Linux, Dos, Windows
DatabaseSQL scripting, Access
SoftwareMatlab, Sas, R, Maple, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Latex
InternetHtml, Xml, Javascript, Server side scripting, Ajax

After joining the ranks of the corporate sector, the complexity of C++ was mostly traded for VBA, PHP and various pseudo-languages like R and Python.

Most of the software I write nowadays cannot freely be made available. nevertheless, the following might come in handy:

Eendraadschema tekenenPHPTool to draw one-wire diagrams according to Belgian AREI reglementation.
TCX-toolsOnlineA selection of tools to turn Polar sportwatch data into TCX files.
Loan amortisation calculatorOnlineVisualise the repayment of your mortgage loan
Black & Scholes calculatorOnlinePrice call and put options using the Black & Scholes model
Meteor companionWindowsAutomatic analysis of meteor observations

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